Check out the official Ford v. Ferrari trailer starring Christian Bale! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: November 15, 2019
Starring: Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Jon Bernthal
Directed By: James Mangold
Synopsis: The true story of the battle between Ford and Ferrari to win Le Mans in 1966.

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  1. Mangold has made a few bad movies (like The Wolverine and Kate & Leopold), but he's also made, in addition to the brilliant Girl interrupted and Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma and Logan, which both are true masterpieces in my opinion. That dude makes a movie with these actors on such a topic ? Count me in. It sounds like a mix of Rush, The Right Stuff and Days of Thunder. 😀

  2. Having read the book…I really cant wait. Shellby was rather tall but Matt Damon will do. Hank Deuce.. and I really didnt know about Miles but him played by Bale is something I am so looking forward to. I drive a motorcycle not a car but this movie already gives me goosebumps. Who is play Lee I.? Mattew M?

  3. Are we seriously going to see huge corporation as the good guys in this battle between Ford and Ferrari? They just poured money for many years until they finally beat Enzo.

  4. Story is Ford couldnt beat Enzo Ferrari. So Ford sent his secretary to Enzo. Enzo kindly saw the secretary and the Ford guy offered Enzo anything he wanted to sell Ferrari to Ford. Enzo said "NO" as the ford guy was about to leave he turned and asked Enzo why he had turned down Ford. Enzo said " because Ford himself hadn't come to me". Well done Enzo.


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